Thursday, November 18, 2010

Music and Meditation

Spiritual practice and creative expression go hand in hand.
In the last thirty years of creating music I have also been seriously involved in a number of meditative disciplines. These include years of practice in Zen, Sufism, shamanism and Taoism.
Influenced  by Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiian, American Indian, Turkish, African, Indian, Tibetan, Latin American and European cultures.

The music coming through me is a creative expression of the inner transformations of spiritual practice and over time the line between the two has become blurred and I am more and more aware that creativity  and meditation are vibrating on the same wavelength. However this is not always the case and will depend on the intention and state of the individual involved in the experience.

On the same note I would also include the appreciation of the arts as a pathway into meditation and the way of beauty. This appreciation could extend to all of manifest creation and beyond to the place from which all things come. The cloud of unknowing. 
This sense of appreciation is an aspect of the force we call love and is ultimately what inspires us to aspire to love in an expression of Love.