Tuesday, January 27, 2015



Putting one's focus on one point within the sound sphere and thus becoming aware of the whole, of all the rest of the elements that coexist within each passing moment. Paying attention. When we try to grasp it, we cannot, when we let go and rest our attention on one point we are able to perceive the whole, even the vibration of the one who is listening and the space in which it  is arising and also the interconnectedness of all it's varying aspects as well as the oneness of it all, one being. 

Our art, music dance, acting, writing and creating in any form is not necessarily good or bad, especial or not especial. Yet when we practice our perceiving of it and honor it, it is the medicine of our own true nature. It is what we can hopefully carry into each moment, an appreciation and an awareness, a listening to the essential sound of all things. 
There is a lot of fear of being trivial, unimportant, of not mattering  and truly, what it is, is that there is a lot of hype and not a lot of real listening. Ultimately it is about being aware of the reflection, relaxing our reactions and our resistance, to be able to recognize and really be grateful for how extraordinary the very ordinary is.
A relaxed awareness, like that which resides between sleep and waking is one way to listen to my work. Another way would be an alert, and focused awareness, that is the stillness before action. Experiencing music through body movement is another.
Remember relaxing into, feeling with the senses, expanding one's perception, dissolve and then reappear riding the wave. 
Do things really have an inherent quality apart from that which we consciously or unconsciously assign to them?


The sound is a sphere always in motion towards the center, everything flowing into the center.
All the elements are present at the outer edges of the circular sphere, defining the edge through different shapes, colors and textures. As the sound is continual motion towards the center as in the center of the torus or volcano, it is  traveling in time, into the next dimension, as if if traveling into a black hole.

Traveling through space, rusted metal, and joints, creaking, clanging
and rattling. The sounds of metal and objects as they move radiating   beams of light and the drones of various engines are running. As a whole a big ship, a living organism, made of many smaller  parts that all seems to groan and vibrate together as one living  being in the midst of a vast space.

Flat and hilly, with the wind blowing through the tree's, rain falling, rivers flowing. Everything happening at the same time, constantly changing, each thing individually, and also as a collective unity.
Beams of energy rising up vertically into space from the horizontal plane.

Continually flowing, motion, sometimes gently and sometimes roughly as it moves around rocks and branches, always changing never the same. 

Stillness and reflection, grass blowing in the wind, earth and mud, pebbles and stones, lapping water, natures time.
Everything is happening and nothing is happening.

Mountains, forests, ocean, stream, animals, wind energy.

cars, traffic, buildings, concrete, noise, people.